2019 Calendar of events


A year long program of activities

The Desert Equinox Program focuses on the subjects of Sun, Water, Earth and Air utilising the city of Broken Hill and the Far West region of New South Wales, Australia as the backdrop. Broken Hill has a population of approximately 18,000 people and renowned for its architecture, clarity of light, astronomy, geology and mineral rainforest, environmental landmarks, social history, heritage and culture. It is close to National Parks, the Murray Darling River and nearby Indigenous townships and it was listed as Australia’s Heritage City because of its significance to the nation in the fields of industrial relations, geology, water and land management and for the resilience of its population. Throughout the Desert Equinox season artists and residents at the Broken Hill Art Exchange undertake self initiatedresearch, display their work, conduct workshops and projects that explore environmental and social themes.

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'Zooxanthellae Graveyard'

By artist Carl Milton

The symbiotic relationship between coral and zooxanthellae is currently challenged with our warming climate / oceans and it is the marine algal organisms that give coral its life and colour. As Broken Hill is renowned as being a hot and arid place where 400 + million years ago there was once and inland sea Carl took up residence at the Broken Hill Art Exchange to paint a brightly toned diptych portraying period headstone shapes overlayed with his interpretations of zooxanthellae.

     Neurological Dance by Carl Milton
                 Warming the Pacific Ocean by Carl Milton


'The Barka Darling Project'

Artist, Kelly Leonard

Kelly Leonard is a regional New South Wales Australian artist who hand weaves to make work in response to, and with the environment. Kelly works in a collaborative and conceptual way to make what she calls 'props' for the environment. The works are installed, photographed and removed and exhibited on line and in galleries. Kelly is inspired by the environment and the people who fight for its voice to be heard and recently commenced working with West Darling Arts as a project officer on the Barka River Project. The 'Making, Shaping and Bringing Back the Barka' project seeks to bring communities together around the stories and shared experience of the River, Culture and Country.

                                                                Artwork by Kelly Leonard, The Art of the Threatened Species                                                                                     

March - Desert Equinox Season opening events

Wildcrafted Oils workshop by Tuesday Browell, music and refreshments


April - September

'Trove - Domestic Object as Repository of Memory' by artist, Naomi Royds

'Landscape and Natural history collage workshop of the Broken Hill Region' by artist , Bob McRae

'Intersection': A photographic exploration of the places where the natural landform (earth) and manmade elements meet' by Dr Robert Miler

'Flow' by artist Alan Giddy, Director of the Environmental Research Initiative of Art (ERIA)

                                                                                   Photograph by Dr Robert Miller


                                     Arid zone natural history/ expressionist image by Bob McRae, Collage & mixed media



City wide exhibition & Art Prize

A prize winning exhibition located in shopfronts, front yards and empty spaces throughout the city of Broken Hill in partnership with local businesses


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