The Broken Hill Art Exchange provides live-in residencies, exhibition and workshop spaces, consultancy services, events and project management .


Broken Hill Art Exchange is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building the creative industries of the city of Broken Hill and the Far West region of New South Wales, Australia. Our grass roots organisation offers a whole-of-community approach to art and community cultural development.

The Art Exchange is a trans-disciplinary organisation facilitating the arts and other sectors engaging artistic practices. The residency provides private live-in studio apartments and self-contained rooms with access to studio workspaces. Residents can pursue their practices with uninterrupted time, or contribute to community activities by conducting workshops and exhibiting artworks as part of the organisations Desert Equinox yearly program.
Applications to attend a residency are accepted throughout the year by completing the forms below. Please note that membership to the Broken Hill Art Exchange is a prerequisite.
2018 Desert Equinox Environmental Program:
A Prelude to the Future Broken Hill Biennale of Art & 2020 vision

The first Desert Equinox held in Broken Hill was in 2012. Allan Giddy, Director of the Environmental Research Initiative for Art utilised Broken Hill's unique environments as the backdrop to exploring the uses of solar technology in art.
Since then a yearly environmental program of events encompassing the themes of Sun/solar, Earth, Water and Air has evolved under the direction of the Broken Hill Art Exchange.
The Desert Equinox is an environmental program consisting of a series of events including artists in residence, workshops, exhibitions and special projects held across the city of Broken Hill between March and November each year. Throughout the yearly calendar all four themes are explored with two prize art exhibitions held each year. The first exhibition is the 'Solar and Wind' prize in June / July and the second is the 'Water and Air' prize in October / November.
A catalogue is produced during each exhibition, including a map of locations where artworks entered into the prize can be viewed as well as articles profiling artists and participants in the program. The Desert Equinox Environmental Program is research in action project by the Broken Hill Art Exchange and a prelude to developing a Broken Hill Biennale of Art in 2020.
Desert Equinox Solar & Wind Launch 
9th June 6:00pm
313 Argent Street, The Grand - Courtyard
The Broken Hill Art Exchange presents its spectacular Desert Equinox launch party. We welcome artists, volunteers and the public to an open event. This exciting one-night encounter will detail what the Solar & Wind exhibition is all about. Food and beverages will be available for purchase and proceeds go towards our non-for-profit organisation and setting up our new building here at The Grand.  Come along and finalize your artwork submission, grab a drink or just find out what we have to offer and view the nights performances! 
The Broken Hill Art Exchange

Founded in 2001, is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. The aim of the organisation is to support the progress of art and artists. We facilitate workshops and projects by visiting and local participants to create partnerships and linkages between the arts and other sectors (e.g. health, environment, education, industry and business).
The organisation's concept of exchange operates on multiple levels including the exchange of skills, knowledge and resources between different art practices, industries and communities.
BHAE Inc. welcomes interest from educational institutions wishing to establish campuses and conduct student field trips to the city.
These initiatives present the opportunity for innovative research and development raising awareness about Broken Hill as Australia's first Heritage City. Its social, environmental, economic and cultural impact on nation building as well as its relevance to the post-industrial world are key focal drives of BHAE's international residency program.



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BHAE is a NFP organisation founded in 2001 to provide an Artist Residence and exchange of ideas and skills in Broken Hill and the Far West NSW region. In 2016-17 it was closely associated with heritage renovations of the Grand Guesthouse (a local Motel), and was subsequently invited to manage the complex that includes a residential area, a gallery, public courtyard, and workshop spaces.
We are looking to create an inclusive and holistic hub that invites and facilitates the public to participate in artistic practises without the need for qualification or experience. This facility will invigorate the centre of the city, creating an artistic precinct that will be unique in regional Australia.

BHAE requires your help to facilitate its move and establish its new headquarters. Once completed, we will be able to launch a much expanded program of events, activities and workshops, and implement schedules that bring master artists and industry leaders to Broken Hill.
Broken Hill is popularly regarded as an artist’s city, but what is lacking is a hub of engagement for artists and the public. This might be true of most communities in Australia, but it is a particularly acute issue in remote Broken Hill: lacking the facility to exchange ideas, materials and skills with neighbouring communities, public engagement with the arts can be isolating and exclusive. BHAE addresses these kind of issues – including the debate surrounding the missing “A for Art” in “STEM” – by operating an artist residency and a network of artists and academics working across disciplines. This is crucial for both imbuing local artists and craftspeople with a sense of relevance and confidence in their work, and for encouraging the flow of ideas both ways.
These aspects of BHAE’s activities and the potentials of a central culture hub ultimately contribute to the establishment of the Broken Hill Biennale of Art – the organisation’s core goal.
BHAE operates on the efforts of its volunteer staff through and through. While working to highlight Broken Hill, the talents of its people, and the importance of the arts in environment, industry and everyday life, BHAE is sustained by income generated almost exclusively from its residency program. Therefore without help BHAE will be able to make its transition “one room at a time”. Donated funds will be used to get up and running immediately, effectively and efficiently.
They will pay for: moving costs; office installation; residency outfitting (furnishings, etc); and subsidised spaces for art-making, events and workshops.
The creation of this cultural hub – in essence an art precinct in the heart of a mining city – provides a demonstration of how the Arts engage and reinforce “sense of community” and endures throughout time.

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